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Our practice began in 1982 by Randall T. Parrish, Jr., O.D. and is proud to be serving the eye care needs of the Southwest Florida communities. Tom Parrish, Licensed Optician, came on board in 1988. The office expanded in 1990 when Lamar Youmans, O.D. joined the practice. Both doctors are board certified optometric physicians and are members of the American Optometric Association. Drs. Parrish and Youmans and their friendly staff take great care to provide every patient the very best vision possible. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with the community based on our quality service and excellent customer service.


Family Eye Care provides comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fitting, treatment of eye injuries, pre- and post- care for different types of eye surgeries and prescribes medications for the treatment of glaucoma. If surgery is needed, the doctors can refer you to the best surgeon for your condition. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of primary eye care, the doctors and staff of Family Eye Care are dedicated to giving you and your family the highest quality and personalized service in Southwest Florida.

Our Mission

Here at Family Eye Care, we strive to provide the best possible eyecare for our patients by using technologically advanced equipment in an enjoyable, efficient and professional environment. We want our patients to be happy, satisfied, well-cared for, referring patients when they leave our office.




Patient Referral Program

Our practice continues to grow by referrals from you, our satisfied patients. In appreciation for recommending us, we would like to thank you by offering a $25 referral credit for your next visit.

How does it work? Find out just how easy it is.

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